Have You Heard About THIS?

Moultonborough, Center Harbor, Lakes Region VNA, Meredith, Laconia, Gilford, SandwichStoryCorps now available to record your personal history.

If you listen to National Public Radio (NPR), you are probably aware of StoryCorps, the oral histories of everyday people broadcast in abbreviated form on Friday mornings.  The stories are touching and personal.  They range from experiences in World War II to the lived civil rights movement to watching a beloved parent succumb to Alzheimer’s.  They are the stories of people just like us and until now, were recorded in sound booths around the country as the project worked to capture the oral history of the everyday American.

Homecare, Home Care, Healthcare, Lakes Region VNANow the opportunity to record your family’s personal history on StoryCorps has arrived through an initiative called “The Great Thanksgiving Listen”.  Using the new (free) StoryCorps app, Americans are invited to interview someone in their family and download it for personal records and submit it to the archives of the Library of Congress. The software suggests questions to get the conversation started, but users can follow whatever questions they wish.

At Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice, we think this is a wonderful way to preserve living history before it is out of our reach. In particular, it is a great way to honor the elders in our midst by recording their thoughts and perspectives for future generations.  The app can be downloaded onto Apple or Android smartphones.  It provides guidance to get interview started, but people are free to follow their own line of questioning if they wish.   You can download the app here.  Have fun.





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