Top Ten Reasons Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice Loves Volunteers!!!!

Volunteer, VNA, Hospice, Lakes Region

Pamela Littlefield
Volunteer Coordinator

April 12th – 18th is National Volunteer Appreciation Week but here at Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice we appreciate them all year long!!!

Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice celebrates the wonderful service and dedication of many volunteers who enhance the lives of patients and families every day. Our Hospice volunteers work tirelessly providing companionship, respite care, Reiki, pet therapy, music therapy, bereavement and Veteran support at end of life. In addition, volunteers provide administrative help, work with fund development, the Maternal and Child Health/Young Family Program, the Volunteer Service Department and much more.
Every year Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice volunteers contribute over 3200 hours of service and enhance all that we do! Thank You all for sharing your time and talents with us.

Here are my top ten reasons why Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice loves its volunteers:

10. They bring hope and understanding to patients and families in need.
9. They provide much needed support at critical times for our patients.
8. Share their talents with patients and families.
7. Bring smiles to our patients and staff members.
6. Offer their precious time generously.
5. Bring new ideas and energy to all we do.
4. Cook food for staff who sometimes need a boost.
3. Work with area partners to bring Programs together and make them happen.
2. Serve on our Board and offer great expertise.
1. Never take themselves too seriously and bring laughter and joy to all they touch!


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