The Journey Home…

I was more than apprehensive about the surgery I needed to have. Questions about what the outcome would be swirled in my head. How much pain would I have? How would I manage to take care of myself after? When would I be able to come home? Lakes Region, Central New Hampshire, Visiting Nurse, VNA, Hospice
I had seen the doctor and a joint replacement was in my immediate future.
Once the surgery was scheduled, I received a phone call from the home physical therapist to come to my home for a “pre-hab” visit. I was eager for them to come and give me more information. The visit was so helpful in providing me with more information. The therapist examined me as well as my home and made many recommendations for things I could do which would make my return home easier.
It lessened my anxiety to know what would be expected after surgery and that I could have care in my own home.
The day of my surgery came. I arrived at the hospital very early in the morning. The staff at the hospital helped greatly to make me comfortable. Recovery in the hospital involved many different staff. They all assisted in managing the challenges of pain relief, moving around and making progress toward caring for myself. Then the time came to make the decision of “what next”. While I was still apprehensive about returning home, I felt it would be the best place to recover. I wanted my own bed, my family and home cooked food, especially this time of year.
The day I came home was very tiring for me and own bed felt so good. I had a pretty good first night home. The homecare therapist called me the next day to set up an appointment to begin Lakes Region, Visiting Nurse, VNA, Central New Hampshiremy home therapy. The first visit was very comprehensive. The therapist addressed my questions and provided even more instruction. It was good to know that I had an expert available and still could be at home. This was the beginning of my return to the activities that I had limited due to pain. I was so glad to be home for the holidays.


ABOUT Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice
The Mission of Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice is “Promoting dignity, independence, and well-being through the delivery of quality home health, hospice and community-based care services.” Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice serves Lakes Region communities in Belknap and Southern Carroll County and provides Home Care (nursing and rehabilitation services in the home); Pediatric Care (direct health care, education and support services for children and families); and a comprehensive, team-based Hospice program. Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice is a not-for-profit, Medicare-certified provider of home care and hospice services, licensed by the State of New Hampshire. The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees and supported by private and corporate donations.


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