National Volunteer Week – April 6-12, 2014

National Volunteer Week is the time to take pause in our everyday “busy-ness” of work and life

Volunteer, VNA, Hospice, Lakes Region

Pamela Littlefield
Volunteer Coordinator

to sincerely thank those people who unselfishly give of their time, talents, voice and money to help create, build and drive change to address critical needs in our communities.  At Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice, volunteers play a strong integral role in the lives of the patients we serve in Hospice care, in nursing homes, hospitals, individual homes and Veteran facilities. Volunteers also take part in many administrative roles working with mailings, development tasks, special events, office work and the like.

Hospice Volunteers in our agency are a ‘Team”.  They are people who understand the needs of the dying patient and will sit by the bedside for hours to comfort and console the patient, the patient’s family and sometimes staff.  The Hospice volunteer is a different ‘breed’ of volunteer in that they actually take part in a patient’s plan of care.  Hospice volunteers give of themselves on a moment’s notice to sit with a patient while the family members try to get into town.  Often time’s volunteers will read psalms, sing or simply hold that person’s hand, provide relaxation through Reiki, bring in their dog for pet therapy and let them know they are not alone.  The mere notion that these volunteers can bring warmth, serenity and peace to patients at the end of life is the priceless.

Volunteers at Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice spend over 3200 hours a year giving of themselves to bring quality of life to so many.  It is through their generosity and Great Spirit that we are able to succeed during these demanding times where so much pressure is being put on non-profit agencies, local and state governments to do more with less. By connecting people to their individual power positive change results and can have a lasting effect on a person, family and community.

It is with great gratitude and honor that we thank our volunteers for being wonderful ambassadors and stewards for Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice and help us provide the best quality care to those we serve.

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.~DeAnn Hollis

By Pamela Littlefield

Volunteer Coordinator

Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice


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