The beauty of spring and…the perils

Just as the last of the snow parts our company, many of us long for the joys that the outdoors in New England offers this time of year. We long to get out in our gardens and savor a walk in the warming air. Unsuspecting there might be challenges awaiting us, we forge ahead. Spring, however, can hold its own set of challenges for those of us eager to get outside.

Remember winter and the ice and snow? Yards and walkways may have been left uneven by winter’s fury. Use caution when navigating walkways which may be heaved in places. Check for pavers or bricks which may be out of place. When walking on roads and parking lots, be aware that much sand deposits on these areas during the winter and this can cause loose footing. Moles can also create challenges in grassy areas. Holes or clumps of dirt may be present from their winter activities.

Gardening is a source of recreation and joy to many of us. We long to get the garden uncovered and start working the earth. A gradual re-entry into this activity will help you enjoy the season. Spending too many consecutive hours raking, bending and lifting can result in injury and ultimately delay your return to your chosen hobby. Back injuries, tendonitis, and strains can all result from too much and too long early in the season. Gradually increasing your time spent and using the appropriate tools can allow you to enjoy an injury free season.

Awareness of how our environment may have changed during the winter and gradually resuming more physically active pastimes can help all of us enjoy the spring season. Maybe soon, the thermometer will cooperate and we can get started!

About the Author:

Tammi Mozier has been employed with Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice, specializing in homecare physical therapy for 13 years. She has served as the Rehabilitation Manager since 2006. Tammi joined the agency following clinical practice as a physical therapist in both Maine and New Hampshire providing acute and outpatient care. She received her degree in physical therapy from the University of Vermont. She is also a licensed and certified athletic trainer and completed this concurrently with her physical therapy degree. Tammi resides in Belmont, NH with her husband and two sons.



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